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Fine Line
Night Light for Saint Louis
Night Light
Safe Ground
Aged Skin Qualities
Aged Skin
Time Visualisation
Time Visualisation
Shape Research
Shape Research
Light Experiment
Light Experiment

Snir Gedasi 31 years old from Israel

Design or designed objects are a communication tools that can
help and solve various situations and problems such as climate,
animals, people and everything around us.
As a designer I have a big responsibility to be aware, to care and
directly react on happenings and changes in different topics and
layers of it, simple or complex.
I believe that design problem can be solved in a simple way and
should be very communicative and user friendly in all aspects,
material, graphic, actual use (and price).

Take nothing for granted. That is the attitude I was educated by as a child.
It keeps me more open towards situations and details such as in nature that plays an important role in my conscious and attitude towards a design process and in general as a human being.

From a young age I took every opportunity to stand on stages and perform. Singing, composing, acting, speaking, designing, influencing and touching people and their lives.
I am constantly curios about people, their behavior, their being, in physical- mental needs and problems.
I love performing and I love and respect the design stage.
People are the opportunity to expose myself, my ideas and my design in various media and layers.

January-June 2016: Bachelor degree from the Design academy Eindhoven at the Man and Activity department

August 2015-January 2016: Internship at ‘PHILIPS lighting ’,product design department in Eindhoven.

April-June 2015: An assignment for ‘DPA’ (Dutch Packaging Association).
Packages of the future: Market research, economy, climate, future vision and product development.

September 2014- February 2015: An assignment for ‘Saint Louis’.
Night lamp, a cooperation assignment between Design Academy Eindhoven students of the Man and Activity department and the French crystal blowing company ‘Saint Louis’.

January 2015: Publicity in the book ‘Language of the image’.
My research of the topic: Aged skin qualities - Natural beauty process.
A visual exploration of aged skin qualities, analysis, own image source, patterns and 3D objects.

June 2014: My Candle holder ‘Lines’ is a part of the project ‘The things we make’.
a pop up store that was presented and was available for sale in De Bijenkorf Eindhoven.

September 2012: Start of my Design Bachelor degree in the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Snir Gedasi
The Netherlands
E-mail address: snirgedasi@gmail.com
Phone: +31633312117

Homemade is a project for the homeless people in order to provide them warmth, independence and privacy.

children are the future and it is important to start educating them to help and care for those who need it.

children took an important role in the project by coating the card board sheet with drawings (made with crayons which are wax based) that are a waterproof protection layer as well as the mental support.

The reactions from the children were amazing especially when told them that it is for the homeless, it triggered their creativity to sketch various things related to warmth, home and some warm words.

The strength of the card bord and its price make it a perfect material for this construction and for outdoor.

S.L.E.A.F is an air purifying curtain.
It is made out of a synthetic material based on Chlorophyll, one of the basic components necessary for the process of photosynthesis.

The curtain is modular, a construction of Y shape pieces that can be easily connected at home and should be placed in front of a window.

When come in touch with sun light, the material is highly activated and just like a living plant starts producing a fresh oxygen.

The loose pieces provide a design freedom for its user who can change the size of the curtain and the desired atmosphere at home, in the office or in any other domestic space.

Fine line is a functional brooch focused on the common fine motoric problem of buttoning small buttons, mainly familiar with elderly people.

The brooch is folded by hand into a mold. The merge between functionality and aesthetics results in a desirable brooch by as well old as young , male as female.

For more than 120 years, the design of the tattoo gun has not changed.

The tattoo artist has a big responsibility and the tattoo has to be as perfect as possible.
The comfort of the tattoo gun in the hand of the artist is the most important element that result a high quality of the tattoo and a satisfied customer.

Comfortattoo is a result of a careful ergonomic research that provide various comfort positions for holding the tattoo gun.
It has a lighter weight than the existing gun and the new design gives it a neutral look that is less threatening for the costumer.

Comfort for the artist = High quality of tattoo = Satisfied customer

Night Light is an assignment for the French crystal
blowing company ‘Saint Louis’ (an old traditional
Subsidiary company of Hermès). The goal was to create a lamp that will visualize the magic of the night, nomadism and the quality of their crystal art.

I got inspired by the detailed work of the artists, the tools, the rough and cheap materials they use such as wood, sand, and fire in order to create a luxurious and beautiful objects.

Light has the ability to blur borders, capture and create an atmosphere.

Night Light is a standing lamp with cut glass samples that are easy to change for creating various reflections in domestic spaces for a different and desired
atmosphere every time.

What if you grow up in a war zone with the continuous threat of a missile attack? Should parents keep their children indoors or even underground in a shelter for safety?

‘Safe Ground’ allows kids to play outside and lets them be the way they are meant
to be: safe, playful and feeling free. Modules of reinforced concrete offer a strong shelter and an adventurous playground at the same time.

It is a modular system of tubes with fun extra’s like climbing holds, slides, holes, a sand pit and race track. All the elements come at a very low cost, allowing ngo’s to easily invest in the mental and physical wellbeing of children in times of war.

Aged skin qualities - Natural beauty process

My visual research is presented in the book ‘Language of the image’- A visual research book made by selected students of the Design Academy Eindhoven, January 2015

Experiments with light and shade

Light has the ability to create or change atmosphere and by its colors, shade and patterns to influence our emotions

Past and present, a personal visualization of a lifetime/ generations.
Photos are an authentic tool to capture a memory - a moment in time.
We tend to save our photos on technological devices and by that we do not enjoy these precious
captured moments on a daily base.
By sliding the pictures, old photos appear next or the recent photos.
A nice presentation object that evokes interaction and curiousity from its user.

Lines is a candle holder. A result of cooperation
assignment between the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Dutch department store De Bijenkorf.
Lines was selected to present in a pop up shop ‘the things we make’ and was available for sale at De Bijenkorf store in Eindhoven.

The candle holder is made out of a metal wire folded by hand into a mold. It uses the material qualities to hold the candle in its place.
It can stand on a surface or hang with a screw against the wall.

Shape research in various materials, techniques and proportions